Something else entirely

My husband put our son down for his nap. 

Almost an hour later, we could hear him whining and yelping. Then he stopped. 

Then he started again. In earnest. 

I went upstairs and turned on the monitor. I figured out what I was seeing at about the same time I understood what he was yelling. 

I wish I had a picture. 

He was standing at the end of his crib nearest the door. With a naked bottom. I could not make out where his pants and diaper had gone. 

And what was he yelling?

“I need to go pee-pee on the toilet!”

I decided to go in. 

His pants and diaper had been pulled down around his ankles. 

So we went pee. 

I got him dressed again and put him back in his crib. As far as we know, he is still asleep. 

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One Response to Something else entirely

  1. Carol says:

    Come on. That is a good boy!


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