31w3d – Apr 5

Growth ultrasound today was a total blast. But really.

The ultrasound tech was friendly and talkative. Our son was cute and involved. And BGL grew. Celebrations all around.

BGL is still in the 2nd percentile for size at this gestational age. But she’s not falling in the ranks, and that’s what matters. Dr L estimates that she grew 10 oz in the two weeks since the last growth measurement. And the blood flows look all fine and dandy and nutritive. Dr L said all was looking good for BGL but that, of course, they are going to continue to take a look every week.

I said something about wanting to make it to at least 37 weeks. Dr L said there’s no reason to think that I won’t. No reason to think BGL needs to come early.

Unless I end up with pre-eclampsia, which, as we all know I don’t have. But I will be checked for again if my blood pressure stays high or rises. Blood pressure at the ultrasound appointment was 138/76. My husband and I were doing figurative fist pumps about how awesome those numbers are. Even though the woman who took my blood pressure said it was a little high. We laughed at her. That’s not high BP. That’s wonderful BP.

A few things.


I’d like BGL to be born the good old-fashioned vaginal way.

I’d like BGL to be full term and not need to spend time in the NICU.

I’ll take whatever I get, but those are things I hope for.

I believe that prayers are answered.

And finally, I am grateful for good health insurance. I am loath to wade into the mucky place that is the health care debate. So I won’t. I will just say that I count it a blessing that I have the health insurance I have. My insurance gets billed in the neighborhood of $1500 for each ultrasound. And I pay nothing. Because maternity care is completely covered. No doubt we would not be able to have all these ultrasounds if we were paying even a portion of the weekly cost.

It has turned out so far that BGL doesn’t have serious problems (at least not as far as ultrasound can diagnose). Hooray a thousand times for that. But think of all the pregnant women who don’t have the kind of coverage I do and wouldn’t be able to have a million ultrasounds to check things out. And think of that portion of all those women whose babies have serious problems. What kind of financial sacrifices would they make to be able to have multiple ultrasounds? Or what kind of anxiety would they live with on a daily basis not knowing what’s going on because they can’t afford all the tests the doctors want to do?

Ugh, I say.

But also, I am grateful.

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  1. Carol says:

    Me too.


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