31w2d – Apr 4

I do not have pre-eclampsia. OB did another round of blood and urine tests to be sure. And I passed!

My blood pressure was 138/88, which, if you don’t know, is way awesome. As compared to what it has been lately. 

BGL “was fine” on her NST today. 

All that makes me more hopeful that I’m going to make it to being called full term because BGL joins us. 

I ate three cinnamon bears today. Two were covered in chocolate. I found them in the cupboard while I was looking for brown rice. My blood sugar survived the indiscretion. 

Unfortunately, my blood sugar did not like the three multi-grain scoops I ate at the end of a lunch of two taquitos and a fage raspberry Greek yogurt. Go figure. 

Really, though, my blood sugar always fairs better when I eat a lot of vegetables with my meal. Didn’t do that at lunch today. Oops. 

I was really hungry today. Wanted to eat and eat and eat. Succumbed a little bit (like with the cinnamon bears), but stayed strong mostly. The gestational diabetes diet is hard on days when I want to eat all day long. But I’ll survive. 

Growth ultrasound tomorrow. Let’s see if BGL is eating all day long or what. 

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One Response to 31w2d – Apr 4

  1. Carol says:

    Good news is good. I like it. Keep it up. I mean the good work.


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