30w2d – Mar 28

Surprise, surprise. I wasn’t the one with a doctor’s appointment today. Lucky me.

My blood sugars have gone haywire for one reading a day for the last few days. I blame overconfidence and a general lackadaisical attitude about counting the carbs in meals. Even if I knew it was possible based on how I was eating a few extra carbs here or there, it still has freaked me out a little bit.

But get this. I made a lentil/potato/spinach soup for dinner tonight. No idea how many carbs were in there. Ate it until I didn’t want to eat anymore. And my blood sugar test 2 hours later was 86, with 60 to 120 being the target range.

So, umm. I guess I’ll be eating lentil/potato/spinach soup for the rest of my pregnancy. We have enough leftovers to last a looooooong time.

I didn’t feel great today. Tired. Off. Not my favorite day as a pregnant lady. Glad it’s over.

Another doppler ultrasound tomorrow. Sending positive energy to baby’s blood flows.

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One Response to 30w2d – Mar 28

  1. Carol says:

    I am glad to hear from you. Saxby’s the one who went to the dr yesterday. Right? Is he fine? I hope. And I hope you feel fine again one of these days. I mean before 10 weeks have passed.


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