29w6d – Mar 25

Pregnancy yoga and heartburn would appear to go together like peanut butter and jam. Loved pregnancy yoga. Love peanut butter. Don’t love heartburn. Don’t love jam (when it’s with peanut butter, especially).

Pregnancy yoga instructor Michelle talked about contractions being called expansions instead. Since it is contractions that do the work of opening up your body to let the baby out. So thinking of them as expansions might help you mentally to not pull in and tense up during contractions. Expand expand expand. Let’s see if I remember this when I’m giving birth. I believe the mindset would have done me a lot of good the first time around. 

Someone at yoga asked me if I’m in my first trimester. And exclaimed my tiny-ness when I assured her I’m in my third. She is 36 weeks and not the least bit tiny. 

BGL kicked me to pieces today. As if to tell all the people who pronounce me small and looking fabulous (like at yoga and also by the neighbor across the street) that she’s in there and not insignificant just because of where she is on the curve.

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One Response to 29w6d – Mar 25

  1. Carol says:

    Curve schmurve. She’s in there. And vital.


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