29w1d – Mar 20

We had some sunshine on the first day of spring. We also had clouds.

I had heartburn today. I haven’t had heartburn for a while, so today’s heartburn surprised me a little. I credit my gestational diabetes diet with reducing the occurrence of heartburn. I also remember that the gestational diabetes diet didn’t save me from heartburn as my due date got closer. Perhaps I have that to look forward to this time around as well.

I blame today’s heartburn on the Vitamin Water Zero that I drank. I can’t really be sure, of course, but I haven’t had a VWZ since I started the gd diet. So I’m hypothesizing that today’s heartburn accompanied the reintroduction of that nasty drink back into my life.

My friend came over and spent two hours (TWO HOURS) with me in my office. We threw away A LOT of stuff. Put other stuff in its place in the office and still other stuffs in their places in other parts of the house. And now my office is clean and the floor is visible. I needed this office of mine cleaned so badly. I also knew I couldn’t do it in my current, pregnant and exhausted state. I am ever so grateful for a friend who will do such a thing as hold a garbage bag open while I drop stuff in it.

I took a nap today. Unfortunately, it left me feeling more tired and useless. Is this what every day will be like from here on out or was today special? Was the office cleaning just enough work that it knocked me flat? Would I feel this way if I were 29 and pregnant instead of 41 and pregnant? Or would I feel light on my feet and full of energy? I should ask my sister-in-law. I have a feeling she would say she did not feel light and energetic. But she might already be 30, so maybe that’s why.

Blood sugars good. Blood pressure acceptable. BGL kicking enough.

Growth ultrasound tomorrow.

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2 Responses to 29w1d – Mar 20

  1. Carol says:

    Do you think heartburn and cloudy days have a connection? I know. Silly question.


  2. Carol says:

    Does tomorrow in your post mean today? Or tomorrow?


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