28w2d – Mar 14

Happy birthday to my niece whom I met and snuggled with on the day she was born.

Got up at around 4:20 this morning to pee. Didn’t get back to sleep right away because BGL decided it was a good time to get her kicks in for the day. Glad she’s a mover. Wish she would have let me sleep.

My ketones and morning blood sugar readings were wacky because something I ate at dinner last night did a number on me. Up came my bedtime snack and everything I ate for dinner. The horror. Ergo, ketones in the urine.

Is this the same for other women who have vomited a lot during pregnancy? It’s like I now have a Pavlov response to kneeling over the toilet. I immediately start heaving. Like reflex reaction now. I have mixed feelings about it.

I have determined that the culprit for last night’s misery was the kale salad (you know the one from Costco) because I ate it as part of my lunch and was sick again. Boo. Threw away the rest of that bag. Have another entire bag in the fridge. To eat or to chuck. That is the question.

I have not had much in the way of heartburn the last several days. Maybe it’s because I eat every couple of hours. Maybe it’s just a tender mercy as I get into the groove of my gestational diabetes diet.

Today was all about snow. Well, snow overnight. Sleet this morning. Then more snow. Also wind. Also cold. So very cold.

Now taking suggestions for the sweet and yummy treat(s) I want to enjoy when the baby comes and the gestational diabetes is over.

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One Response to 28w2d – Mar 14

  1. Carol says:

    When in doubt, throw it out.


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