28w1d – Mar 13

Blood pressure at OB this morning: 144/66. Midwife Anne said the first number was high because I was running around this morning trying to get to my appointment.

Blood pressure at MFM this afternoon (with the machine): 140s/80s. (I didn’t commit the exact numbers to memory.) She thought it seemed high.

Blood pressure at MFM by the nursing student (manual): 138/90.

The 66 in the first was pleasing to my OB. MFM must have stricter standards or something because none of it was satisfactory. But I showed Dr. L. the log I’ve been keeping for the last week, and all was well. He saw that it’s all in the same range of what my blood pressure has been. It’s a little high. But not so high that there’s an immediate concern.

So I will continue to test my blood pressure at home.

Blood sugars since Friday were looking great in the eyes of both OB and MFM. Diet is working so far.

Today was what they call a doppler ultrasound. Joann looked at the placenta and did measurements of the amniotic fluid. Then she looked at how the blood was flowing in the umbilical cord, brain, stomach, bladder, and ductus venosus. I asked her what the “DV” she typed on the screen meant. She responded that they measure the ductus venosus flow on all babies. (Notice that in the second link, the fetus should be as still as possible during the DV flow assessment. So it is apparently okay for a baby not to move during ultrasounds, even preferred sometimes.)

Good blood flow in all these places indicates that the fetus is likely getting the oxygen and nutrition that she needs. Bad blood flow, I presume, would mean the opposite.

Dr. L. said that baby looks good. That’s non-specific code for the blood flows being inside some acceptable range.

Next week is a growth ultrasound. They’ll measure BGL’s head and body and limbs and run those numbers through some “machine” that will tell us what percentile she’s in for growth. Let’s all hope for something better than the 3rd percentile, shall we.

I asked Midwife Anne about the likelihood of a c-section. She said it depends entirely on BGL’s stats. If we’re inducing because her blood flows are looking bad (like she’s not getting the oxygen and nutrients she needs to grow and develop inside the womb), then that will also mean that she likely cannot handle the stress of a vaginal birth. A c-section will also be the order of the day if I develop pre-eclampsia.

I did not ask Anne to explicitly state the converse, but we can safely assume that if I do not have pre-eclampsia and BGL has good numbers (even if she’s small), then a vaginal delivery is possible. Preferred, if it’s up to me.

So here we are. Almost back to homeostasis. Ha. But sort of serious. We’re watching every week. But nothing is scaring the medical professionals right now.

BGL is still pushing me around from the inside. How someone so small can do such a thing is beyond me.

Sometime this week, I’ll tell you about how exciting my daily food intake is.

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2 Responses to 28w1d – Mar 13

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for this report.


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