28 weeks – Mar 12

Well, maybe she’s as big as an eggplant. Maybe it’s a small eggplant. Maybe she’s had a burst of growth from all the prayers being offered on her behalf. We can hope. 

I’m officially in the third trimester. I think that was true last week, too. 

Blood sugars were good today. But I’ve been tired. Better not watch Dateline tonight. 

Blood pressure was decent today. Slightly higher than the last couple of days but not as high as before my acupuncture treatment. I blame the uptick in the BP on not getting enough sleep last night and a general higher stress level from having a sick kid. But it’s still fine. 

Today has been emotional. Lots on my mind. Lots of wondering. Yo-yo-ing between feeling like things will be great and verging on freaking out. Trying to stay somewhere in the middle. 

Praying my son can sleep tonight. His cough is bad. He didn’t nap well. Not even close. He needs a good sleep. I need a good sleep. Better get to it to give myself the best chance.

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One Response to 28 weeks – Mar 12

  1. Carol says:

    “Sleep, that knits up the raveled sleave of care.” Shakespeare (spelling his)


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