27w4d – Mar 9

Our son is sick. Possible fever. Generally miserable. Poor kid. Praying he can sleep tonight. Praying that his mom and dad don’t get whatever he has. I’m even paranoid enough to wear a mask while he curls up on my lap. 

Had my first acupuncture appointment today since the embryo transfer phase of things. How I’ve missed Jo Ellen and her positive energy. I am so pampered and comfortable there. Yes, even with the needles. She focused on my digestive system, blood sugar, and blood pressure. General nourishment all around. I don’t think it is merely coincidence that my blood pressure tonight was 130s/70s. I knew it would be lower. Felt it the whole day after getting home. Even with the stresses of a sick child who only wants his mommy. 

Jo Ellen insists that I need to nap for at least an hour every day between 1 pm and 3 pm. That’s when the kidney chi is strongest. She insists I do it. I told her I would be happy to try to do that. Not sure how it will work out, though. 

I was able to nap today while my son napped. He asked me to stay in his room and sit in the rocking chair. Which I did for most of his nap. And yes, I fell asleep, too. He woke up and cried and fussed a couple of times, but he was able to calm back down and sleep again and get an actually decent nap. And so was I. Go team!

Cross your fingers we all sleep through the night tonight. (Not counting the one or two times I will get up to pee.)

P.S. BGL is a good little mover. In case you wondered. 

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One Response to 27w4d – Mar 9

  1. Carol says:

    Yes, this makes me happy. BP lower, BGL a mover. Do what Jo Ellen says. I pray for all of you: Alyce Ben Saxby BGL.


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