27w1d – a doozy

27 weeks 1 day gestation was a stressful day.

My first appointment wasn’t until 10:40. 1-hr glucose test and routine OB appointment.

I guzzled the super sweet fruit punch and headed to the OB portion of my appointment. Got more pee in the cup than usual. Go me!

Blood pressure was 142/80. Higher than they wanted to see. But no one freaked out. They measured my stomach. I’m measuring 25 weeks. So a little small. Talked with the midwife about the fact that there’s nothing I/we can do about the baby being small. But, she said, Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) will be watching the baby’s growth and looking to see if the placenta and umbilical cord appear to be functioning well. If they’re not, she said, then there will come a point when getting the baby out before the placenta fails is more important than letting the baby develop in the womb. But MFM will be watching that.

Got my blood drawn after the 1 hour was up. Also got a Tdap vaccine. Supposed to help protect the baby from whooping cough.

After lunch was a visit to the chiropractor. She worked on my neck and shoulders for a while because they are super tight. Hooray.

From the chiropractor I headed to MFM for my previously scheduled ultrasound. My husband had taken our son home because it was his naptime. It was the first time my husband was going to miss a scheduled ultrasound.

Rachel takes my blood pressure to start every MFM appointment. 142/90. Not an improvement over this morning.

Missy came in for the ultrasound. She measured everything. Told me what she was looking at. Heartbeat was 142. Etc. Etc. I have discussed with the women who do the ultrasounds that they are not allowed to tell us the upshot of anything they’re seeing. Good, bad or indifferent. So she didn’t say anything about how she felt about what she was seeing on the screen.

At one point she commented that baby girl was not moving very much and asked if that was normal or if she moved a lot sometimes. I responded that she moves plenty. I said maybe she was crashing from all the sugar that morning.

Missy left. A new blood pressure person came in to take it with manual cuff. 132/82. Much better.

Then I waited. I don’t know for how long. A while. Baby girl took the opportunity to jump and kick and dance. You know, since no one was watching.

Finally, the door opened, and Dr. Wu came in. I like her. We exchanged pleasantries and expressed our dismay at not seeing each other in several months.

She sat down and started by asking if I knew I had failed my glucose test.

No, I didn’t know. But now I will cry about it. It’s not the worst thing in the world, I said, but I didn’t want to deal with it, so I must cry about it.

She looked at the baby for a few seconds. Said something about being glad to see that she was moving. I said that she had moved quite a lot during the break in the ultrasound and blood pressure action. Dr. Wu was pleased.


She didn’t like the blood pressures. And the baby is really really small, she said. I didn’t ask how small. I was still crying a little about the glucose test.

So, she said, you probably don’t want to hear this either, but I’m sending you to triage. Higher than desired BP + small baby = we want more observation and evaluation. To triage you go. More crying.

MFM, if you don’t know, is part of the hospital here. Triage is also part of the women and babies hospital. It’s where you go when they’re deciding whether or not to admit you to deliver a baby.

Texted my husband. Asked him to come. Called him on my way. Cried.

Arrived at triage. Peed in a cup (and all over my hand).

Was asked to disrobe. Nurse Daria walked in while I was still in process.

Then Daria put baby girl on the monitor. And I had a blood pressure cuff put on me.

Then I waited.

Then someone came to draw blood. Took the fourth and fifth vials of the day out of the same vein from the glucose test in the morning.

Then I waited. For test results. For my husband.

Finally rang for the nurse and asked to go pee. My husband arrived while I was in the bathroom. Just like I knew he would.

Then we waited together.

We heard them talking in the hall that the test results were back and fine. That my BP was in the 140s/80s for the last hour or so and that the baby’s heart rate looked good.

Then Dr. Meldrum came in. I haven’t mentioned but the blood and urine tests were looking for signs of pre-eclampsia. Dr. M emphasized that my blood and urine were completely normal. Totally fine. So no pre-eclampsia.


The baby is really small. He apparently knew now what MFM had seen and went ahead and told us. She is measuring in the 3rd percentile for size right now. That’s really small.

For reference. Our son’s head was in the 90th percentile when he was born. That means his head was bigger than 89% of babies’ heads. So baby girl being in the 3rd percentile means she is bigger than only 2% of babies and smaller than 96% of babies. At 27 weeks gestation.

That’s little. Little enough that when combined with her stillness during the ultrasound and my elevated blood pressure, the professionals wanted to take a closer look.

Dr. M predicts that there is a 99% chance that I will deliver this baby early. He is thinking something like 35-38 weeks.

And now I will be having weekly OB visits and weekly ultrasounds. The visits might be staggered – like Monday/Thursday – so they are effectively seeing me twice a week.

I will also be on a gestational diabetes diet. Bring on the eggs. {sad barfy face}

Bottom line.

  1. I don’t have pre-eclampsia. (At least I don’t think I do. Can’t say what the doctors really think.) Just gestational hypertension. It would be nice if that went away or stayed steady. Prayers appreciated.
  2. Baby girl is tiny and needs prayers to help her grow. That’s the only thing to do about it. Pray and watch and wait and hope.
  3. I am showing no signs of pre-term labor. No contractions. No changes in my cervix.

If my husband or mom or mother-in-law reads this, they can comment and tell you if I’ve left out any critical details.

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4 Responses to 27w1d – a doozy

  1. Marisa Dittmer says:

    Oh dear friend. I will pray lots for you and your sweet baby girl. I love you.


  2. Carol says:

    I don’t think you have left out anything. I am praying for you and your baby and your husband and your Saxby.


  3. Ami says:

    Sending lots of love and prayers!


  4. natasha schiess says:

    Praying for all of you, especially that baby girl:) Sending you lots of love.


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