26w4d – Mar 2

Happy birthday to a beloved sister. 

I remembered to take my prenatal vitamins tonight. Took them at the same time as I took my Diclegis. Cha-ching. And now I know for sure that the blah way I feel after breakfast is because of the vitamins. Because I feel that same way now. So. The goal is to wrap up this post as quickly as possible and go to sleep before I feel any worse. 

Baby girl was really active. Bouncing away. Making my tummy jump. 

I feel some nesting coming on. Really feeling the urge to throw everything away and/or clean everything. If only I had the energy. 

That’s the other major symptom today. I’ve been horribly and terribly tired all day. Pull me to the floor tired. I didn’t check but am guessing my blood pressure is high today. That, and I’m recovering from my commute to D.C. It is really a killer. 

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One Response to 26w4d – Mar 2

  1. Carol says:

    I am so happy that my daughters love one another. Happy Birthday to Ben Larsen.


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