26w1d – Feb 27

I forgot to take my prenatal vitamins today. Forgot several times, actually.

I typically take them in the morning with breakfast. I didn’t do that today. Told myself when I remembered that I would take them the next time I ate. Which also didn’t happen. Taking my prenatal vitamins continued to not happen the whole day.

I am concluding that my prenatal vitamins don’t sit very well or quietly in my stomach. Have I said that before? I know I have said before that I often don’t feel great after breakfast and have figured it just means that I need to eat more or again.

Well. My new theory is that it’s the vitamins. So maybe I’ll switch and take them at night at dinner or with a snack at bedtime. Let’s see if I feel better in the mornings after breakfast.

Baby girl likes to move. I still think it feels weird. I ended up down a rabbit hole of youtube videos women have posted of what their stomachs look like when the baby moving is nuts late in the pregnancy. That was a scary experience.

Heartburn and bloody noses continue. In case you wondered.

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One Response to 26w1d – Feb 27

  1. Carol says:

    Here’s a shocker for you–I NEVER took prenatal vitamins. That’s NEVER. Do you think that is what’s wrong with all of you? Or what’s wrong with me?


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