25w2d and 3d – Feb 21-22

I didn’t post yesterday. No excuse. Just didn’t happen. I was so exhausted last night. Decided not to drive to D.C. because of how tired I was. So writing about the day fell off the priority list so I could be a zombie instead. 

Yesterday I did get a haircut and pedicure. Maybe all that pampering just tuckered me right out. I also made appointments for two more pedicures before my due date. I’m very excited. 

Symptoms of pregnancy these days are those I’ve already told you about. Heartburn. Bloody noses. Fatigue. Gas and bloating. Baby moving. Sore feet. 

My son asked to nurse tonight. He was upset about something and was looking for help to calm down. So. Duh. Nursing. Which he hasn’t done for nearly a year. He hasn’t nursed for nearly a year. He has asked for it occasionally since then. But it has been a good little while. Go figure. 

Instead of nursing, he curled up on my lap and asked me to sing “Rock-a-bye Baby” approximately five times. Then he jumped off my lap and declared the experience fun!

While I sang I thought about all those things you think about. How glad you are that you sang to him all those sleepless nights. How tired you feel now and how much more tired you’ll be when the baby comes. How you’ll be even more tired than the first time because this time there’s a 3-year-old in the picture, too. How you don’t know how to split yourself between two kids when you want to be 100% there for both of them. Somehow. How you need to treasure every day that’s left of your first child’s time as your only child because that will be gone forever before you can blink. How your next child will never know what it’s like to be an only child. 

I realize that not every mom thinks about these things. Not exactly. Because I know some who had multiples right out if the gate and never had an only child. But they’re still moms. I’m guessing they get it. 

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One Response to 25w2d and 3d – Feb 21-22

  1. Carol says:

    I am glad to read this, Alyce.


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