24w4d – Feb 16

It’s hard to write about every day because I get tired of saying the same things day after day. How many different ways can I talk about heartburn? I ask you.

Heartburn. Blood in the nose. Generally tired. Generally apathetic about food. Eating as a job is not particularly enjoyable. Especially when you make poor decisions all the time and then feel like you’re not even great at doing your job.

I always want cold or cool and sweet things in my throat as a mental treatment of the heartburn. Unfortunately, sweet all the time is no good for my energy levels. But can you imagine cold and savory? Eww. Maybe you can imagine it, but at the moment, I am grossing out at the idea. I try to content myself with ice, but too much water is an evil all its own when it comes to heartburn and nausea.

No, I am not really experiencing nausea. But you can hopefully understand that acid always bubbling up in my throat brings with it a feeling that vomit is not far behind.

On the bright side. Baby girl is still kicking me.

In other pregnancy news, I wrote an email to my boss today explaining that I had to use sick leave for my ultrasound last week. But instead of typing “sick leave,” I wrote “sick lick.” I think that’s a combination of pregnancy brain and pregnancy fumble fingers.

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