24w3d – Feb 15

To heartburn I must add more blood in my nose. I can’t quite call them bloody noses because blood is not dripping or running out of my nose. But there’s a lot of it in my nose, and I must blow my nose and have a Kleenex ready many many times throughout the day. 

I am eating a lot of food. I am eating frequently throughout the day. I am eating a lot of food frequently throughout the day. Not enough of it is protein-rich right now. I’m still working on that. 

I drove home from D.C. today. I wore compression socks. I’m going to try to wear compressions sock when I drive to and from D.C. every week. 

I am an old lady. 

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One Response to 24w3d – Feb 15

  1. Carol says:

    Is it what my dr used to call pregnancy rhinitis? You are just a kid, Alyce. Trust me on that. And you’re my kid. Hooray from me!


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