24w2d – Feb 14

I drove to DC tonight. Okay, Virginia. Same thing. I learn on these drives that my bladder really can hold a lot of liquid.

Had heartburn. Again.

Ate a lot of sugar. Bad decision. Probably didn’t help the heartburn but also didn’t help anything else.

I have reached the point when bending over to tie my shoes is a “monumental” (said in the voice of Adele) task. Need to start searching for some slip-ons that can work with my orthotics. Yes, I wear orthotics. Not because I’m pregnant. No. I wear orthotics because I got tired of my feet hurting all the time. And although my feet are not perfect now, the orthotics have done wonders for me. So there.

Anyway. Slip-ons. They’re next on my “I’m pregnant and need this” shopping list.


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One Response to 24w2d – Feb 14

  1. Carol says:

    I ate SO much sugar yesterday. Sugar is the devil’s tool.


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