23w5d – Feb 11

I am terrible at remembering that a little bit of food at regular intervals throughout the day will go a long way in minimizing my heartburn. Yes, not eating is just as bad as eating the wrong things. 

Heartburn is a frequent topic around my house. My son has started to say that he has heartburn, too. It’s pretty sweet, actually, that he claims to have my same symptoms. He’s a tender kid, that one. 

Here he is telling me that he’s fixing his heartburn by running the tie from his sweat pants up and down his tummy. 

I am actually gaining weight now. 200 lbs is coming soon. Oh goodie! I need to ask my OB what my top weight was the first time. I think it was 210. Let’s see if I’m under or over this time. 

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One Response to 23w5d – Feb 11

  1. Carol says:

    Good looking belly.


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