23w4d – Feb 9

Happy 3rd birthday to my much loved son.

The relatively easy pregnancy I had with him certainly factors into why I’m pregnant now.

I told my husband I never wanted to do IVF again. Five times was enough for me, I said. Maybe I could do an IUI or two but not the emotional trauma of IVF.

Then, as I’m sure happens with many parents, we wanted our son to have a sibling, and we wanted to have another baby. We wanted it bad enough that I found myself willing to to IVF again. After a couple of failed IUIs.

I believe from the deepest, innermost part of me that God led us here.

And here we are. A few months away from meeting this little girl. This little girl who gives me heartburn daily already. She has wrecked my appetite and my sleep. Foreshadowing of things to come.

As I reported yesterday, I slept horribly and woke up to a birthday for my son that was for sure going to be rough for me. Thankfully, I have an understanding boss who let me take some leave, which allowed me to take a nap while my son napped. I slept for nearly 3 hours. Proof that I was one worn out old lady today.

My husband’s cousin is in town with his band. We stayed up late and celebrated our son’s birthday at their concert.


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One Response to 23w4d – Feb 9

  1. Carol says:

    One of a kind. One and only–Saxby.


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