23w3d – Feb 8

DC today. Lots of walking. Ended the day back at home and ready to collapse into bed with over 13,000 steps. Which is probably not that impressive to many. But it is a million miles for this old pregnant lady.

My co-worker who is exactly 7 weeks behind me in her pregnancy looks way more pregnant than I do. This perfect and perky round belly under her cute maternity blouse.

Had a fumble fingers moment in my boss’s office today. He thought I was making things up when I said pregnancy fumble fingers are a thing. My other co-worker assured him it’s real. She also said that pregnancy heartburn is unique. She said, “If drinking water causes heartburn, then there’s nothing you can eat that’s safe.” #preach

I did a better job of having snacks on my drive home, so I was able to stave off the bad news heartburn for more of the drive. A drive that miraculously took less than three hours even though I left 30+ minutes later than usual. I thank my phone for always suggesting the “faster route available.” I also thank me for following that prompting even though it took my the most zig-zaggy way possible to get home.

I had a headache by the time I went to bed and thought I could just sleep it off. By 4 am the pain was unbearable and had spread down my neck and shoulders. I’m wondering if my pregnant body can’t handle sitting in a car for multiple hours two days in a row with a boatload of walking in between. I also don’t sleep well down in VA. It’s just hard not to have my own bed and my own pillows when getting into a comfortable position is such a challenge. Can’t wait for the third trimester when my body is actually aching from my giant belly.

Anyway, at 4 am (which is actually early on Feb 9) I went downstairs and ate three saltine crackers and a clementine and took some Tylenol. Tylenol did the trick, and I was able to get to sleep. If only I had taken it when I went to bed.


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One Response to 23w3d – Feb 8

  1. Carol says:

    It’s not easy being a mom, before the baby’s birth or after. But what is better in this world?


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