23w2d – Feb 7

My water broke three years ago today for baby #1. He was born Feb 9. I wrote about that on this blog if you want to reminisce (but start at the bottom).

Today in 2017 was the echo ultrasound, which just means that they spent a lot of time looking at baby girl’s heart. According to the dr, the heart is looking great. Certainly, he can’t see everything, but everything he can see gives him no reason to be concerned.

They also measured baby’s growth today. She is still small but is gaining on the curve. Not the smallest baby ever, the dr says.

Lisa the ultrasounder spent some time taking 3D shots of baby to give to her big brother.

Here’s the best one.


While he looked at the pictures, we asked him what he wants his sister’s name to be.

“Elizabeth Tony Jason,” was his reply.

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  1. Carol says:

    I like it. Mostly.


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