23w1d – Feb 6

Thanks to a kind friend, I successfully packed away my non-maternity clothes and have all my maternity clothes organized in my drawers and closet. I feel so accomplished. 

Oh, and we even got rid of a big pile of clothes. 

And all (as small as that collection is at this point) of my baby girl clothes are in one place. 

I should correct the statement about getting all my maternity clothes out and organized. We actually left quite a bit in a box. The winter stuff that I won’t need. 

Go team. 

Heartburn was only a minor nuisance today. 

Finally, here’s a snack I’m partial to these days. Take a saltine cracker. Add a slice of Tillamook sharp white cheddar. Add a bread and butter pickle slice. Eat. 

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One Response to 23w1d – Feb 6

  1. Carol says:

    Non-pregnant people would go for that snack. I guarantee.


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