22w1d – Jan 30

Pros of going back on Diclegis.

  1. I don’t feel like vomiting.
  2. I sleep better at night. A lot better.

Cons of going back on Diclegis.

  1. I am so very tired.
  2. I want to got back to sleep all the time.

The end.

Water. I love it and hate it. When I wake up in the morning and am parched, water is the best thing that ever there was in the whole entire universe. The rest of the day water is so awful. I drink so much of it that I can’t stand the taste. I want to drink something else. Something that tastes good but isn’t a pile of sugar or sweetened with sugar alcohols. (Sugar alcohols give me the runs.) Water is so blah. Except for first thing in the morning. Then it is, as I said, the nectar of heaven.

Ice is pretty much always good. Love ice.

I have a thing for chicken nuggets and chicken tenders lately. Had some at lunch and dinner today.

Not fake chicken like from McDonald’s. Real chicken coated in breading and dipped in something tasty. Yum. Except if it’s from Chick-fil-a. I don’t like the chicken there. The spices are all wrong. Always have been. The waffle fries are good, though.

My pregnancy app told me yesterday that I can expect to gain a half a pound a week (on average) from here on out. That’s only like 9 more pounds and would be a net weight gain of only about 12 or so pounds for the entire pregnancy. I say hogwash. That’s not realistic at all. I am bound to gain more than that, right?

Of course, if I end up on the diabetes diet for the last 12 weeks, maybe my weight gain will be that minuscule. Only time will tell.

Mostly, though, I think pregnancy apps are bunk.


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One Response to 22w1d – Jan 30

  1. Carol says:

    Many things are bunk. Just so you know. I think this keeping a record of your pregnancy is smart.
    You will be glad. Gladder than you are now even.


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