22w – Jan 29

Baby is the size of a coconut. 

I’ve decided I go back on Diclegis. Two days off was fun and all, but for most of today, I have felt like maybe I would be better off if I just vomited. 

Not nausea. My stomach feels okay. It’s my throat. Feels like there’s something pressing on it. From the outside and from below. 

No burning like with heartburn. No heartburn at all today actually. Just this pressure in my throat that’s hard to explain but that feels like I could vomit at any moment. Maybe. 

The midwife said last week that it’s not a problem if I take it to the very end. Take it as long as you want, she said. 

I prefer to feel a little wimpy than to feel crazy all day because I could vomit unexpectedly. 

So Diclegis it is. 

Wish me luck. 

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