21w6d – Jan 28

I did not take Diclegis last night. And guess what. No nausea or vomiting today. What the what?!

My neck is very sensitive, though. More than usual. So I would say that is the only noticeable sign that I didn’t take Diclegis. 

I suppose I haven’t talked much about how sensitive my neck is. Or have I? I think I have. At least a little. Necklaces are a no-no. Hoodies are even worse. Scoop necks are the way to go.

It’s an every day thing. But today was worse than normal. So I’m calling it my withdrawals from the drugs. 

Heartburn again. Yay. 

I am going to bed. My final reports are these. 

  1. I wore a pair of maternity jeans today that fell down constantly. Especially if I ever had to bend down for something. It’s the pair I wore the most last pregnancy. So there’s that. 
  2. I just had a little coughing/choking fit that turned into a somewhat violent gag. It sent my husband running from our conversation about the mysterious moving toilet paper rolls in the basement. It scared me, too. 
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One Response to 21w6d – Jan 28

  1. Carol says:

    What? The gag? Or the moving toilet paper rolls? That might scare me.


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