21w3d – Jan 25

I still have a cold. Seems to be shifting a bit into my chest. More coughing this morning.

I made chili in the crock pot today. We opted not to eat it but save it for tomorrow when the flavors will have really had time to settle in together. I put paprika in this time and really hope I didn’t ruin it. It is so rare that I have the energy to make dinner that I will be pretty close to devastated if I ruined perfectly delicious chili.

I told my husband at dinner that I must must must be better about eating small meals at frequent intervals. I am sure that going too long between eating episodes contributes to my heartburn.

At bedtime tonight, my son sat on my lap, lifted up his shirt and patted his full belly.

“I have a baby in my belly, Mommy.”

I told him that only Mommies have babies in their tummies, but he repeated his baby-in-the-belly status just the same.

I did not go to DC today, as may be evident from the fact that I made a crock pot meal. But I state it for the record. No one there needed me to be coughing and sniffling all over them. Or not sniffling because there really is not nose-running going on. Just completely clogged. Food has no taste. Only texture. So I guess the concern about the paprika ruining the chili is really only for the sake of the men in my life who might actually be able to taste the chili.

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