Today I have something else to talk about besides my head cold. Today was the mid-pregnancy anatomy scan ultrasound.

But first, a report on my cold. Still have it. Pressure in my head is intense.

Now for the ultrasound.

Most people think of this ultrasound as the one where you find out the gender of the baby. It’s also the ultrasound where they look at everything else. Mother’s ovaries and cervix. The umbilical cord. Baby’s brain, stomach, kidneys, spine, heart, all appendages, nose, lips, and so on.

Baby girl is still a girl. She had the hiccups. Dr. Larkin said baby’s lips are beautiful and that everything in general looked beautiful.

My cervical canal measured over 5.5 cm. Good is over 3 cm.

Baby is generally measuring on the small side right now. Dr. says babies who measure big or small at this point usually trend toward the middle.

Dr. also said there’s really no predicting if I’ll have gestational diabetes again or not. Every pregnancy is different, as everyone says.

Last but not least, a couple of pictures from today’s ultrasound. First, the traditional profile pic. Second, one of those freaky 3D ones they do that turned out to be not all that freaky. The placenta is hiding baby girl’s right cheek.


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One Response to 21w2d

  1. Carol says:

    As I have said, I was lucky if I could hear my baby’s heartbeat. Everything else was a mystery. A great time we live in. I am wishing you well. No more cold.


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