21w – Jan 22

Baby is the size of an endive. If you don’t have one of those handy, we have something in common. Endives are apparently about 10.5″ long. And if you’re paying attention, that means baby has grown in the neighborhood of 4″ in one week. Bam!

I stayed home from church today. I still can’t breathe. I have more pressure in my head. I am sneezing more. All around more into this cold. 

I made cornbread for my husband for dinner. And fried eggs. I ate neither. Instead, I hade home style chicken noodle by Campbell’s. And some saltines. Yum. Sort of. 

My app told me today that I might start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions already. Let the record show that I almost typed transactions instead of contractions. That was a “symptom” of my first pregnancy as well. Ugh. Not again.  

I really hope I can sleep tonight. 

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One Response to 21w – Jan 22

  1. Carol says:

    You poor baby. You need TLC. Something I’ve never said or written before. But the fact remains. You need it.


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