Inauguration Day 2017

I’m wading in. But just a little bit.

I hope.

I stepped out of my office to say something to my husband. He had the TV on. I came in the room just in time to see the arrival of the next President of the United States at the White House for tea. One of the rituals of today. Our outgoing President and his wife stood out front to greet him and his wife.

The next First Lady brought the current First Lady a gift from Tiffany. There was hand-shaking and hugging and cheek-kissing. Broad smiles all around. And then this for the cameras.

And I got choked up. Close to tears.

Not because the Obamas are leaving. Not because the Trumps are coming. Not excitement for who got elected. Not sorrow for who did not. As shocking as it may be for some that I was not feeling any of those emotions.

I was struck by the power of the symbolism of this moment for me. “The peaceful transition of power” happening before my eyes. Not affected by the grief of some nor the elation of others. Not impacted by who the four people are in the picture above.

For me, today is not about celebrating in triumph over those who lost or being in mourning or protest about those who won. Today is about taking pride in the American Democracy. That we can have division and strife yesterday and tomorrow but come together on this day to celebrate the wisdom and foresight of our founders.

Those are my feelings on this day. I respect your right to have yours.


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2 Responses to Inauguration Day 2017

  1. Carol says:

    Who wouldn’t love you? You are good.


  2. Wendy says:

    I love this, Alyce. Thank you.


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