20w2d – Jan 17

I haven’t felt nauseous much for a couple of weeks. But it’s back tonight. Blah, I say. 

We had a dance party of sorts around the un-decorated but still-lit Christmas tree. Thank you, Justin Timberlake, for Can’t Stop the Feeling. 

My co-worker shared some words of wisdom today. She said that with normal heartburn, it can make a difference what foods you eat. But everything you eat causes problems with pregnancy heartburn. Amen, I say. 

Baby’s movements in the early days of feeling them are strange. Cool but also a little bit nauseating and freaky at the same time. There. I said it. 

I now tell you that I went to Walmart wearing everything unmatchable, having not showered or put on a bra. You might say I did it knowing I would fit right in. But the truth is that I did it because I’m pregnant, and that’s the best I could do today. Either way, necessities have been procured, and that was the whole point. 

Have I written that sometimes my son asks to talk to the baby? Well, he does. And it’s cute. 

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2 Responses to 20w2d – Jan 17

  1. Carol says:

    I bet you meant talk to the baby.


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