20w1d – Jan 16

Routine OB appointment today.

Blood pressure was 116/73.That’s basically awesome. In case that wasn’t known. I willed the second number to be under 80, which it always has been until my last visit, and I succeeded. Because that’s how blood pressure works.

I have gained a few pounds. Am even above my weight at the first OB appointment. I will not record my weight here, but I will say that I know I will be over 200 pounds by the end of this. Easily. I think I topped out between 205 and 210 last time. I would feel good about that if it happens this time. Only time will tell.

Midwife Anne said at first that she didn’t know they they wanted to do nonstress tests (NSTs) every week starting at 32 weeks. (I had asked her when they start.) Then she scrolled down in my file and saw my age. Oh, that’s why.

“You don’t look 41,” she said.

You better believe I thanked her for that.

Baby’s heart rate was in the 130s. That’s basically awesome. Or in the range of not alarming to anyone in any way.

Twenty weeks is when they start measuring the distance from your pelvic bone to your navel. I don’t know what mine was because she didn’t tell me. Which tells me it was in the normal range.

MW Anne also gave me some information about perineal massage. Something to tuck away and pull out at 36 weeks. Something that might help reduce the tearing.

I continue my love-hate relationship with food. Mostly because I have heartburn if I eat, and I have heartburn if I don’t eat. I can’t win.

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One Response to 20w1d – Jan 16

  1. Carol says:

    You will win. You will look at your baby girl and say, “I win.”


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