19w2d – Jan 10

Heartburn again.

No surprise there, but I find that the Alka Seltzer chews work quite nicely to alleviate my discomfort for a little while.

It’s funny how my pregnant brain works. I have not vomited for over two weeks now (thank goodness). But I seem to have forgotten all of that misery and now find that heartburn is the very worst thing in the world and sends me into despair about what to eat. Just exactly the same feeling I had when I was vomiting.

My friend said that she found no enjoyment in food until the moment after she had her baby. But then, the freedom, the pleasure. Gimme all the food, she said.

So I have hope that I will again not feel so irrational about eating.

I have another friend who basically has to eat all the time. Maybe it’s hypoglycemia. Maybe she has an incredibly fast metabolism. Maybe a combination. I do not know the technical diagnosis. What I know is that she has to have food at the ready pretty much at all times. Or she feels awful, cranky, and just doesn’t function well. Her condition has made it very difficult for her to enjoy eating. To enjoy food.

What a shame, I have always thought, to find no pleasure in eating. Food can be so yummy, and eating it such a lovely experience.

Her condition doesn’t go away after a handful of months. It is her everyday life. I believe I am beginning to have the slightest inkling of why she doesn’t love eating.

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One Response to 19w2d – Jan 10

  1. Carol says:

    You’re good at this. Duh.


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