11w2d – Nov 15

I haven’t yet mentioned, have I, the soreness of my breasts. It is not a constant thing. But when my son decides to use them as leverage for moving or standing up, I cry out in pain. And I know it’s a pregnancy symptom because he’s used me as leverage for ages, and it never used to hurt like it does now.

Also, my breasts are big. Swollen feeling. I remember that around 13 weeks of my first pregnancy, I had to go get a new bra because I had simply outgrown my bra. By leaps and bounds, really. It was something I hadn’t expected. This time around, I have been expecting it to happen. I can now report that the growth has begun.

I say again for the umpteenth time that I am exhausted. So tired all the time.

I wake up a number of times in the night to pee, which doesn’t help me get the sleep that I apparently so desperately need. I told my husband this morning that I hadn’t slept well but that I hit snooze at 6:20 am when my alarm first went off. The next 9 minutes were amazing. So restful. Like I had been asleep for hours. Ahh, to be asleep right now. At 9 minutes to 4 in the afternoon.

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