11w3d – IT’S A GIRL – Nov 16

Becky from MFM called today with the results of the free cell DNA blood test.

First off, she let me know that everything came back normal. The test looked at all chromosome pairs, including the sex chromosome, and everything was fine. No missing parts. No extra pieces. Etc.

She then said that the bonus of the test was that we get to find out the sex of our baby.


I proceeded to loop my husband into the call. Becky summarized the normal test results for him.

Then she said that the sex chromosome showed characteristics consistent with A GIRL!

Oh my gosh! (That’s what I said immediately.)

I knew it! (That’s what my husband said after a few seconds.)

And we proceeded to tell our family that there’s going to be a little Larsen girl.

My husband and I also decided that I will share the news that we’re pregnant on Facebook and Instagram tomorrow. The secret will be out there now.

I called my mom on my drive home from DC. I told her that now that we know it’s a girl, I feel like I know she’ll have brown hair. That’s the little girl I’ve seen in my mind’s eye.

I’ve written before about how I have felt like the baby would be a boy at one point and that the baby would be a girl at another point. I guess now we know.


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One Response to 11w3d – IT’S A GIRL – Nov 16

  1. Marisa Dittmer says:

    I love reading your journey. It makes me feel like I’m with you. And nothing has been sweeter than to see my boy and girl become bffs. They are tons of trouble, but cute, giggly trouble. Can’t wait for yours to do the same. Love you.


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