11w – Nov 13

Baby is the size of a lime.

I haven’t felt nauseous today. But I do feel hungry, and the hunger is hard to satisfy. Until dinner when I apparently ate too much, so I spent the evening feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. That happens to non-pregnant people all the time, no?

I have a 1-hr glucose test in the morning. I am super anxious about it, even though I’m the one who requested it. I’m not anxious about what the result will be. It will be good to know one way or the other.

I’m anxious because of how awful I feel during those tests. I remember one time that I broke into a cold sweat and was shaking uncontrollably after one test. I’m anxious about feeling okay, about being able to drive home. Blah.

Unnecessary to worry, I’m sure.

It’s starting to seem weird to me that people don’t know, that we haven’t told people. Maybe that means it’s time to start sharing our news. 

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