17w5d and 6d – Dec 30-31

The year is dying in the night. And if I don’t go to sleep soon, I will feel like I’m going to die. 

I was super chill yesterday. Saved up all my energy for today. Got up at 6:30. Left my house at 7:17. Went to the temple with my husband’s family. Ate at Terrain Garden Cafe. Look it up. I loved the smell of that place. And that’s saying A LOT when a pregnant lady likes smells. 

I ate a lot of food. I’m happy about it. 

Went to a NYE party for a little while tonight. Ate unhealthy food. Got the runs. Came home and put my son to bed. 

And now here I am typing this and hoping to close my eyes before 10 pm. 

10 pm is like the witching hour. If I’m up past that, I will throw up at some point. The best thing is to be in bed before 9 pm. But heaven forbid I don’t get to bed by 10:00. That’s just asking for trouble. 

A lot of people want to close the door on 2016 and never think about it again. But 2016 is the year I got pregnant again. So I will always remember it as a good year. 

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One Response to 17w5d and 6d – Dec 30-31

  1. Carol says:

    And hallelujah amen.


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