10w – Nov 6

Baby is the size of a strawberry and has me feeling so sick.

After I wrote yesterday’s post, I ate a yummy dinner and then proceeded to vomit it all back up. Peed myself again, too.

No vomiting today. Thankfully. I think. I mean, I did get a brief respite from feeling awful after barfing yesterday. So there is that. But really, no one enjoys vomiting.

One person at church guessed that I’m pregnant today. I was holding my son. She was talking to him about his awesome hair. Then she poked him in the stomach and asked him what was in there. He said belly and baby in the same sentence. She looked at me, wide-eyed, and then asked him if mommy has a baby in her belly.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, I said.

Are you pregnant?! she whisper-yelled.

I told her to be quiet because no one knows.

Now, I probably could have come up with something to say to convince her that there’s no there there. But I think I’ve been dying to be able to tell someone. To have someone know. So I let it happen. Now let’s hope she doesn’t tell anyone.

I can’t let today’s post end without marking the end of my twice-a-day progesterone shots.

Today was the last day! No more shots! Hooray! And no more estradiol pills. Let us all rejoice that I don’t have to supplement my life with hormones anymore.


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