9w6d – Nov 5

I vomited this morning. It was sudden and terrible and funny at the same time.

I hadn’t eaten anything yet. Well, besides a vitamin c drop and some water. So there wasn’t much to come up. But that didn’t stop the heaves, of course.

I was trying to get breakfast for my son when it happened. Pretty sure it scared him. He hasn’t seen anyone throw up for real before. And this came out of nowhere for me. Imagine his surprise.

Details I’ve left out.

  1. What caused it
  2. That I peed myself a little on the first violent heave
  3. That I heaved first into the kitchen sink before I could make it to the bathroom
  4. That I immediately felt better and was ready to eat breakfast

Other highlights of the day.

  1. I went grocery shopping.
  2. I baked four loaves of bread.
  3. I threw ingredients for chili in the crockpot. First time I’ve made dinner all week. 
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