17w3d – Dec 28

I threw up tonight. My own fault for not going to bed when I knew I should have.

And I kind of didn’t make it to the toilet. Mostly made it but got a little bit on my pillow case and then basically vomited into my hand before I got the rest into the toilet.

That was my fault, too, because I was trying to find something to pull my hair back.

I stayed up partially because I still felt hungry and also realized that I haven’t been eating as many calories as I “should.” So I stayed up to eat a little something and then rest my head on my husband’s shoulder.

I’m sure it was all worth it.

My son did not take a nap today. In fact, he chose today to take off his pants and his diaper and pee all over his mattress and the floor. He was somehow proud of himself for what he had accomplished. Goofy kid.

I made dinner. A small triumph.

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