17w1d and 2d

Yesterday was uneventful as far as being pregnant goes. Which isn’t really a bad thing given some of the events that have accompanied the eventful days. 

Today I went in for a routine OB appointment. I was told my blood pressure is perfect. And I lost 2 pounds since my last visit 4 weeks ago. Go team!

Doctor got me up on the table right when he came in and found baby girl’s heartbeat. 150 bpm. Good job, little pomegranate. 

Doctor also asked me if I was feeling the baby move yet. I don’t think so. He seemed surprised. Described the early movements as feeling like someone just swam past you in the pool and the water moved. Still not feeling it. Someday soon, I’m sure. 

I bought underwear for my son today. 8 pairs for $9 because they were on clearance. Let’s see if we can keep some momentum going on the potty-training front. 

It’s almost 8:15. I’m in bed. Really tired today. 

Sweet dreams.  

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One Response to 17w1d and 2d

  1. Carol says:

    I love pomegranates.


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