9w3d – Nov 2

I was so busy about writing about my OB visit on 9w2d that I forgot to mention how unwell I felt yesterday.

I texted the following to my sister: Today is the worst day so far for wanting to barf and not feeling good. Literally could not swallow applesauce.

So yeah, the last couple of days, including 9w3d, I have had strange moments where I can’t swallow what’s in my mouth. And my gag reflex is on overdrive. It’s super fun.

I went to DC today. Somehow survived. But felt awful pretty much the whole day. Not just because of being pregnant but also because I’ve got a sore throat and feel a cold getting ready to knock me down. It’s weird that this happens the day after I’m at the OB and she’s listening to my heart and lungs and everything is fine. Was there no warning sound in what she heard that things were about to head south? Obviously not.


Work is the worst thing to have to deal with right now because I just want to be in bed until the nausea and cold go away. Work is also tough because no one knows yet, and I’m dying to tell my boss. Mostly because I think it will mean he’ll let me sleep in some days. Ha.


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