9w2d – Nov 1

New pregnancy intake day at the OB office didn’t start off well because they forgot I was there or didn’t let the people in back know I was there so I sat and sat and sat and waited.

Got a bunch of information thrown at me and a bunch of pieces of paper given to me. You know, lists of good foods to eat, bad foods to eat, approved medicines, disapproved medicines. What I remember from all of it is that 25 mg of vitamin B6 taken at 8-hr intervals should help to calm my stomach and keep the nausea at bay.

Then I got weighed and blood pressured.

Then I waited in the exam room for midwife Angie.

And I waited some more.

She finally came in. And poked and prodded everywhere. Glands. Breasts. Belly. Vagina. Cervix. Uterus. You name it. She also listened to my heart and lungs, which involved less poking.

As she was feeling around my “bottom” (her word, but you can understand it to mean that she was examining my vagina, cervix, etc., as opposed to my butt, which is what I think of when someone says “bottom”), she asked me about how I wipe when I use the toilet.

My answer didn’t matter because she then launched into an instruction to always wipe from the front to the back and then immediately drop the toilet paper. She talked of bladder infections and antibiotics and how the front-to-back wipe helps to prevent such things.

I asked her if she saw something down there that was causing her concern. I said that no one had said such things to me, so I wondered what she saw in my “bottom” that produced such instruction and warning.

Oh, nothing. I just say it to everyone. You know, to educate.

I thought it was logical to assume that what she said to me as she examined me would relate to what she was seeing in the exam. But no.

Anyway. It’s good information. I’ll take it.

She also told me not to wear underwear to bed so my “bottom” can breathe.

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One Response to 9w2d – Nov 1

  1. Carol says:

    There’s an old joke about that, but I have forgotten it. Like the dr says, “I see you play the violin,” or something like that.


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