16w4d – Dec 22

I did not vomit today but came close. Blah.

A few things I’ve forgotten to document.

For the past few nights, I’ve woken up a few times because of a numb/asleep hand/wrist/lower arm. It goes away pretty quickly if I shift positions. But my guess is that more carpal tunnel fun is just around the corner.

Also, I haven’t had any bloody noses – yet – but when I blow my nose, there’s always blood. Good times ahead, I’m sure.

I felt today like my belly is about to pop out. Like I’m on the verge of looking legitimately pregnant. Nothing wrong with that except that the process of getting there is a very bloated-feeling one.

Have I said that I am constantly burping? Well, I am. So much burping.

Wow. Don’t I make being pregnant sound attractive? Glamorous. “Feminine.”

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