16w1d – Dec 19

I’ve heard it said: every pregnancy is different. Boy, howdy.

I can attest to that. I had practically zero morning sickness during my first pregnancy. This time is different. Morning sickness abounds. As I’ve said a number of times.

Just to mix things up a bit. And so someday I can look back and remember how terribly I ate, I give you a log of what I ate and drank. (I did not include the water I drank.)

What I ate/drank

Did I throw it up?

Cheerios with milk Yes
Gatorade – red No
2 Corn dogs with mustard and ketchup No
Gatorade – orange Yes
Saltine crackers Yes
Cottage cheese (4% milkfat) No
Frozen yogurt popsicle No
Pepperoni pizza – 1 slice No
Pedialyte Probably
Ginger ale – flat Yes
Oatmeal Yes
Alka-seltzer heartburn chews (4 total) No, yes, yes, no
White chocolate/peppermint pretzel No
1 square of Hershey’s milk chocolate bar Unknown

The Gatorade, Pedialyte and ginger ale were recommended to me by the nurse at my OB. She said that I should drink those instead of water after vomiting because water would just cause vomiting. All three tasted awful to me. The Pedialyte was some of the worst stuff I’ve ever tasted. That’s why I say I probably threw it up. I’m not totally sure if I did. But man, it was yuuucky.

Gatorade has never tasted so bad. And I know it’s not the best thing in the world, but there have been times when Gatorade actually tasted good to me.

The ginger ale tasted like bad water. That’s the best description I can come up with.

I have not tried the last thing the nurse suggested: the heavy syrup from canned peaches or pears or fruit cocktail. Don’t eat the fruit, she said. Just have a little of the heavy syrup every 15 minutes for an hour. The sugar, she said, sometimes help to quiet the nausea.

I have a new prescription of Diclegis. 100 pills. Should last 50 days. I hope they work. And I hope I don’t need them that long.

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One Response to 16w1d – Dec 19

  1. Carol says:

    Keep hoping. Do your best. Things will work out, however long it may take.


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