16w – Dec 19

Baby girl is the size of an avocado now. Not just any avocado, mind you. An avocado that’s bigger – or at least longer – than a navel orange. The creators of my pregnancy app live somewhere with bigger avocados than we have around these parts.

Baby girl can also apparently hear my voice now.

Doesn’t that mean she can also hear me when I’m vomiting? I’m so sorry for that, baby girl.

Yes, vomiting returned with a vengeance today. Well, it returned after 6 pm. Three times. The last time was my fault for not going to sleep early enough. But it’s hard to go to sleep when you feel so blah.

I told myself today that at least I don’t vomit every day. I have breaks in that action. Some women don’t get that luxury.

I tell myself now that at least I felt decent for the better part of the day. That was a blessing.

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One Response to 16w – Dec 19

  1. Carol says:

    That’s a message for all of us–find the part you can give thanks for. And give thanks.


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