8w4d – Oct 27

Today was pretty lame. I’ll come right out and say it. Sleep will hopefully make tomorrow better. 

My total lack of energy and stamina leaves me feeling pretty pathetic. I didn’t eat at regular intervals like I did yesterday, and it seemed to make a big difference. 

But here’s what I did accomplish. (I won’t mention work because I basically did nada while I sat at my computer all day.)

Made dinner, something I hadn’t done all week. 

Cleaned up the dishes after dinner and wiped down the countertop. 

Put the shower caddies back up in our shower. That was on the list to do for months. 


Changed some poopy diapers and got my son ready for bed and put him to bed. 

Read Fox in Socks. Come on, you know that’s an accomplishment. 

Took a nap. 

Shot baskets with my son. 

Snuggled with him, too. 

Okay, maybe I’m helping myself sound not as pathetic.  But holy cow, I’m beat. Like I did too much. 

And the day was still lame. 

Good night. 

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