8w3d – Oct 26

And today at 2:45 in the afternoon, I don’t feel desperate at all. Which equates to me not feeling pregnant at all.

You know the next “logical” step in my brain. Maybe something has happened, and I just don’t know it yet.

Not that that makes sense. And not that I know what makes sense.

But I am also asking myself, why do I feel okay today? Did I get enough sleep? Have I been eating at magically perfect intervals? Do I just get a break today because I was basically at a breaking point last night?

I am sure I will never know.

I read something in an app somewhere that Baby now has taste buds. Perhaps I am eating things that are pleasing to the little gummy bear’s tongue.

My fertility center does ultrasounds at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. Sandy, the ultrasounder, calls the 8-week ultrasound the gummy bear ultrasound. The arms and legs have developed just enough that the baby looks like a cute little gummy bear on the ultrasound.

I should see if I have the gummy bear ultrasound pics for our son anywhere. He was the perfect little gummy bear.

This time around, Baby was turned in such a way that Sandy never got a good look at her or his gummy bear-ness. She did, however, get a good shot of the spine.

[insert photo here.] <– I’ll get around to that. 

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