15w5d – Dec 16

Two more hours left in my birthday, and no vomiting. Yet. The last two hours could prove my undoing, but I’m going to bed in the hopes that it all can be avoided. 

I got a pedicure today and have decided I need one every month that remains of my pregnancy. Think I can swing that?

Aromatherapy steaming towel for me face, neck, and hands. Customary foot soaking and scrubbing and nail cleaning, shaping, and painting. Topped off with some herbal tea and a shortbread cookie. Worth the $40 it cost. Easily. 

My belly itches. 

I’m tire of nausea. 

Shirts with small collars – or even normal-sized collars feel like they’re choking me. 

I want to drink juice all the time. Wish it was filling and not so full of sugar. 

Those are pretty much my symptoms right now. 

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One Response to 15w5d – Dec 16

  1. Carol says:

    Yeah. And I’m not pregnant. You knew that.


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