15w4d – Dec 15

I find the smell of peppermint oil calming.

Yesterday, the smell of an everything bagel that was zipped inside a sandwich bag on my desk just about did me in. In a bad way. Or is being done in only ever a bad thing?

Maybe this is TMI, but I will now tell you that I have learned that I need to wear deodorant while I’m pregnant. What, you say. You don’t wear deodorant anyway? No. I don’t. I either hardly ever really sweat or hardly ever smell when I do.

The same is not true when I’m pregnant. I either sweat more and move past some imaginary line that means I will smell or I sweat the same amount as ever but now it smells.

Anyway. I need to get in the habit of wearing deodorant.

I’m getting an aromatherapy pedicure tomorrow. Looking forward to what that’s going to smell like. I hope.


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