Second ultrasound today. Baby measured 8 weeks from crown to rump. Heart rate was 163. Both good things. Heart rate is such that my doctor predicts a girl. My husband and I feel like that’s maybe what she said last time, and we had a boy, so we don’t put much stock in it.

The gestational sac measured between 6 and 7 weeks. Smaller than the baby. Dr O said it is in all likelihood not a problem at all. All the other indications are that the baby is fine and dandy. Worst-case scenario is that the small gestational sac is a signal that the baby isn’t going to make it. More likely scenario is that some gestational sacs are bigger and some are smaller. Kind of like some people have dark hair and some people have light hair. That’s the analogy Dr. O used.

She recommended that I get handed over to Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) as soon as possible because they will pay attention to me. She says they will pay attention to me more than my OB. She’s probably right. (MFM does all the ultrasounds when a pregnant woman is over 35 years old. At least that’s how it is here in PA.)

I’m trying not to worry about the gestational sac thing.

I am more worried about how lethargic and desperate I feel.

Dr. O called a couple of hours after I got home to ask me about having a test done for Down Syndrome.

Two options. Fancy blood test of my blood that looks at DNA fragments from the baby that are apparently in my blood. That blood test also would end up telling us the baby’s gender. She says that because of my age, my insurance will most likely cover the test. The test can be done as early at 10 weeks.

The other option is an ultrasound during the first trimester that looks at the nuchal tube at the back of the baby’s neck. The test has to be done before the end of 13th week of pregnancy and is usually done in combination with a blood test.

Neither test is conclusive. Just predictive, I guess you could say. Something like an amniocentesis would be required to be certain.

All fun stuff I get to think about because I’m 40.

Dr. O and I decided on the fancy blood test option. That’s what she was going to send over to MFM.

Dr. O and I also talked about how I’ve been feeling. I speculated that my blood sugars are out of whack. She said she would send a lab order for a 2-hr glucose test. Fun for me!

Okay, not really. But knowing if I have gestational diabetes will certainly help with knowing what to do about how I’m feeling.

We are all tired from our travels. So we’re hoping that’s why I feel so out of it and desperate.

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  1. Carol says:

    Plenty to think about. Keep praying.


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